Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Corporate Cup + St Mary's Warrior

Double session of Corporate Cup - 25:05 (3:15 quicker than last week) 4:15 pace.

Rolled up for the Warrior Easter special which turned out to be a big stair set at St Mary's (4 loops) and then Butler stairs - 3 sets and PP stairs 3 sets and a stack of push ups.

Finished at the power station doing a Easter egg hunt, scoff and run.

Very solid 2 hours

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Nothing but Strength

After a late run last night and DCRun strength this morning I didn't do the double today deciding I wanted to do a proper session tomorrow and Thursday.

Good session with Tom and Iain. Lots of curtsey one legged lunges - 2x2minutes each leg. Weighted squats, walking lunges with med ball twists, side leg raises, hip lifts on a swiss ball, reverse crunches and planks. Legs very wobbly by the end.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Channeling Wilson

Maybe it was the recent beer carbo loading or maybe I was channeling Wilson, but today I just felt really good running home. Cruised up all the hills like they were not there and felt so good like I could run faster and faster. Had the music blaring so I dont know if that helped. Tough hilly run via Milsons Point, Mosman Wharf, Mosman Village, Parriwi, Balgowlah Heights, Manly Wharf.

14.5k in 1:15

Sunday under the weather.

Its true. I can't dance. With Robyn and Ali
Too much drinking! Friday night beers at Bavarian Beer Café with John Burke, Tom, Andy, Charlie and Tim. Saturday night - Mike McGrath's 50th and Ali went off as usual. Last to leave at 1:30am. Sunday night London Marathon with 50 runners from HuRTS at Bar100 in the rocks. Running was a token easy run around Manly Dam on Sunday for an hour or so. Tired from social activities but also from working a high pressure hose all weekend on my pathways, driveway, walls, roof etc. I thought it would take me 2 hours but I created so many clean spots I ended up doing much more than I expected. House looks good at least. Over 60k for the week with plenty of additional cross training on top

Friday, 11 April 2014

Friday Splitters

Welcome return of the social Friday run group of PJ, Ness, Josh, Joe, DR Skins and Ruadhan. Nice and easy Cremorne Point loop without the Spofforth St hill (soft). Fairly humid still and legs felt tired so happy for the effort. 12k in 68 mins.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Corporate Cup - Personal Worst

Could hardly run over to the start line. Tried a few warm-up exercises but it didn't help. The first 2 k were very painful and I may have just broken 6 mins/k I reckon. Even stopped and had a brief chat to Tom along the way. Struggled to the top of the stairs and started to feel better. Picked up the pace on the homeward leg and at least felt like I was running for the final ks. No idea about time since I had no watch. Lucky to break 30 mins (actual time was 28:20 - 4:43 average). 8.5k all up. Good 1 hour surf in the am with Alec and 1.5 hours of tennis with Steve, Hec and Vish.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

DCRun and HuRTs 14x3 mins

Quite an aerobic session at DC Run this morning with 30 mins of crawling, weighted lunges, side hold cycling, squats, hip raises and hill sprints. I was pretty worked by the end and felt stuffed all morning. Wooey dragged me out at lunchtime though and I jogged up in stiff old legs to the start. Easy jog to the BCP and then ran alond the road almost back to the pool again. Reps went: 750, 765, 755, 765, 752, 765, 753, 765, 752, 757, 754, 760, 750, 800. Two hills on the way out but only one on the way in. Felt difficult but was running better after 6 reps. Two guys Tim and Chris kept me honest the entire way. 10.64k in 42 mins - 3:57 avg 14.5k all up.