Monday, 8 February 2016

Warrior Pain

Hot stair running is never fun and today it was miserable. Found myself hugging the shade at every opportunity, limited though they were.

Started with some running intervals around the Art Gallery, Power Station and a push-up routine over at Doc's Legs.

We then ran a loop of the Art Gallery, crossed the ED Bridge and finished at the Butler Stairs.

4.5 minutes continuous Butler repeats. Rest. 4.5 minutes continuous Cliff Stair repeats. Rest. 4.5 minutes of PP stair repeats. Managed to do all but the last two reps as doubles. Saw Jono O he looked shattered.

Did some suicide runs on the basket ball courts and finished with some abbs.

The run home took ages

Over 8k of running/stairs.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

SunRun 2016 94th in 41:15

This was always going to be a tough run. No proper training for nigh on 2 months, a hilly course with a headwind for 90% of it, and my mindset was not good. I came within a whisker of doing Muscle Beach this morning instead.

Met Tom, Lewis and Jamie for the run to the start. I had my bike, doubting my ability to run 5 k and then racing 10. Dropped the bike at North Curl Curl and ran the hill to Dee Why as a warm-up. No toilet stop was a worry. I was trying to think of toilet opportunities on the race course. Luckily they were not needed.

Easy line up with 10 minutes before the gun. Stood next to Tym and another HuRTS guy Toby and pondered my race plan. I didn't have one. See how it goes as usual.

First hill is a great warm-up and it is soon gone. Racing down the other side I see Elle and I find my race plan. Stick with her (if I can) she is looking fit. Shoelace comes undone and I curse my lapse. Stop for 5 seconds and do it up and get back after Elle. First 2 K go by in 4:04 and 3:55 and I am feeling fine. Similar splits for the next 2 K and I am already feeling it. A 20 min 5K would still be an achievement I tell myself.

Catch Elle and say hi. I don't feel comfortable and she says the same thing. It could be interesting.

The first hill up to the Diggers is a test and I fail. I drag my arse through K 6 in 4:23 and I'm thinking its over. K 7 is a surprising 4:03 so I get some confidence back. The hill over Queenscliff to go and then it is all down hill.
4:29 up the hill is good. 3:52 down the hill - Okay not great, but then the headwind really hits and I feel like I have stopped dead. I am trudging it feels and guys are pulling away and coming past. Elle will blow past anytime. I normally have a good sprint finish but today I had nothing in the face of that wind. Barely lifted my pace with the finish in sight and crossed in 41:15 with a 4:06 final K

20s slower than last year was better than I expected given the conditions and my preparation.

Elle came in about 30s later smiling as always.

A quick Hi to all the other runners from HuRTS and I jogged over to join Youngy, Burkey (neither of whom ran) and Tom for some Mafia eggs and coffee.

Great start to the day. 8am all done and dusted.

Splits from last year vs this year show I was 1 second ahead at 9k and lost 19s on the final 1.1k.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Short and sharp

Wanted to do something short and fast as a primer for running the SunRun on Saturday. Played tennis last night and got to bed late. Legs fatigued.

Easy jog with Hoey over to Rushcutters to meet the HuRTS guys. Good turnout with MC making a nostalgic appearance. Timmy had set out the cones for the session of 6x1k but I was looking to do a few 400s (440s as it turned out), the number depending on how I felt. By the 4th I was not feeling great so I settled with that.

Pace went

3:12, 3:15, 3:16, 3:09

a stiff southerly was blowing which was in your face on the outward half but aiding on  the home straight.

Felt tired and just jogged easy home

7.8k all up.

SunRun will be a real slog with the strong southerly forecast to hang around, we will be running straight into it the entire way. Aiming to break 43mins.

Saw this in Vic:

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Run Home

Tuesday: 14.7k in 1:20 running with Burkey. Legs were tired from yesterday and Burkey dropped me on the stairs up to BH. Somewhat dehydrated too which was weird. Still humid but perfect sunny afternoon.

Monday, 1 February 2016

25 sets of stairs.

I've been told stairs are one of the most efficient ways of getting fit. After today I can believe that to be true. We pretty much piled into the Cahill run from the start and hit the Pylon stairs for 5 sets with 5 pushups between sets, straight down to the Cumberland stairs for 5 sets (and 25 pushups), back to the pylon for 4 sets (+PUs), then 4 sets of Cumberland, 3 + 3 (all with PUs) and then finishing at the bus stop.

Absolutely brutal on a humid day and we were all just slouched on the benches sucking it in at the end.

Did a bunch of stepups followed by a 400m sprint + 25 pushups, 400m + 25 dips, 400m + 25 declines. Could barely manage to jog down to the grass for 100 abbs before running home.

Friday, 29 January 2016


This run had it all. Sun, pouring rain, lightning swimming, Australia's most expensive house and more.

Joe, PJ, Ness and Jesse turned up for the hilly Redleaf direct route. I made an effort to push the hills which breaks the whole run up and you get to Redleaf before you know it. Bypassed the pool and went through the front gate of Elaine which is owned by PJ's boss and is on the market for a lazy $100m. A bit of a renovators delight I have to say. Wandered through the gardens down to the beach and swam in the Harbour. Had a quick shower and then started home when the storm hit around Loftus and it belted down. Princess Ness wasn't impressed, but after 10 minutes of drenching I reckon she was actually having fun.

Great fun all the way back and I was relieved to feel good the entire way. Such a contrast to yesterday.

10k all up.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Timmy's test of torture

First semi speed session in weeks. I haven't run sub 5 mins for 5 weeks so who knows what was going to happen. It wasn't pretty that's for sure. Started all right on the hills running with JW. He would push past me on the up-hills and I would overtake him on the down-hills. With 3 minutes to go he pushed ahead and I was struggling in the humidity. After 20 mins I had covered 4.22k at 4:44 pace. Not great but not bad.

The tempo was a struggle from the start with the first K going by in 4:16. Was running holding onto Glesso but it was tough. K 2 went by in 4:23 and it was all over for me. Made it halfway and sat down on a wall pretty stuffed. Decided to jog it back through the garden but couldn't even manage that. Did some sit-ups and push-ups to make myself feel better.

10k or so with warm-up and cool down.