Friday, 2 October 2015

Friday Amble

Easy pace with PJ, Jesse and Ruadhan around the wharves and Barangaroo and back. Finished off with a dip in the Harbour at the Opera House.

Chat was mostly about the insane situation in the US with the mass shootings.

11.5k all up.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

HuRTS 3x2k

Rushcutters footy field with bindiis in full bloom (welcome Mr Ho) with a big turnout including the return of The Chairman. Everyone else was doing 6 x 1k but I decided I wanted to run a bit easier so I did and took less breaks. Ran with Jono W for the first 4k (he has a glute strain) and then knocked out the last 2k on my own.

Reps went: 8:48, 8:33, 8:40

11.5k all up with jog over and back.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Corporate Cup/Warrior

Pleasingly another 15 second improvement again this week. Times this series have gone 26:05, 25:20, 25:05, 24:50 so I expect I'll still be on top of the MBA points table. Never felt comfortable and didn't feel like I was running fast but the watch was telling me a different story so I just went with it. Every K spilt was just a little bit better so I always knew I was on target as long as I held it together. Windy but not too hot.

Joined Warrior after a short break and literally ran at the back the entire time. Felt very flat and even found the pushups hard work.

Harry's entry into this years Archibald

Monday, 28 September 2015

HuRTS Monday

Small group of Bruce, Renee, Jerome and me running very easy around the wharves and back. Only ran at 4:40-4:50 pace but I was feeling like it was fast enough. Dropped off the back around Farm Cove even though I was pushing 4:30s. Gorgeous sunny day was a first in Sydney for a while.

15.5k in 1:15.

Blue Mountains

Raining in Sydney but sunny in Katoomba so Ali, the boys and I did a bushwalk from Scenic World, down the Furbur steps and along the Federal Trail (getting lost looking for the trail-head and doing a full loop if the stupid boardwalk along the way) to the Golden Stairs. Had ideas about going to the Ruined Castle but I was getting tired (even though the boys wanted to continue:)). That landslide section takes allot of time. Walked all the way back to Echo Point and enjoyed our well deserved apple pie after 3 hours.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Super Circuit

Weather is as bad as I can imagine for September. As per usual the weather cleared up briefly during the super circuit down at Beare Park (ww option). No naked women as expected but a great session in a beautiful location. Warrior's 9 yo girl was a guest DJ so the music was slightly different - ACDC changed to Taylor Swift. Lots of great banter.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

HuRTS Hills and Tempo

Surprisingly large turnout on a wintry wind blasted day. I wasn't really ready mentally to work hard so I went in thinking I would just do the hills. I am taking forever to warm-up these days and so I was dead last for the first few loops but I finally went past Paulie then Gleeso and then a few others but couldn't reel in Mike Hanavan. The last five minutes I concentrated on not being lapped by Greta.

At the end of the 20 minutes I had run 4.2k which wasn't great.

Gleeso grabbed me and talked me into running the tempo - "We'll just run 4:20s okay mate". No staggered start this week so we all went off in a bunch. Gleeso flew off doing sub 4s and I was left a bit stranded alone. The headwind on the turnaround left me feeling like I wasn't moving but I was putting in consistent 4:15 splits and felt like I was working so I stuck with that. I was keeping Gleeso in sight but he was too far ahead to contemplate chasing down.

Finished the 5k in 20:20 but it was short and probably was likely to be 21 or so.

Managed a 2.5k warmdown with Mike afterwards for 13k all up.