Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Bondi MLR

Birthday special with MC and SA Jonathan running to Bondi, having a swim and running back. Great day for it. Felt pretty good until Rushcutters on the way back. Cut down the stairs on the way home for 18.2k in 1:30

19.5k all up.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Stair Master

Went and did Warrior to have an easier session, but it turned out to be the hardest in recent memory.

After the usual abb set we ran down to the Cahill Expressway and ran all the way up to the Bridge stairs where we did 5 sets all the way from Cumberland St back up to the expressway. We then ran down to the Cumberland St stairs for 5 sets then back to the Bridge stairs for 4 sets, 4 Cumberland, 3 Bridge, 3 Cumberland and finish at the bus stop. - 24 sets of stairs was bloody hard. I did feel pretty strong the entire way and finished well ahead of everyone else including Glenn Bartram.

Banged out 30 declines, 30 dips, 30 inclines before doing the loop down to CQ and 3 sets of those stairs. A 3 minute squat hold (ouch) and a run down to the tombstones for 3 sets of the hill.

Beautiful summer day with a light breeze.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Ad News Challenge

Caught up early with PJ, Jesse and the Warrior for the Ad News Challenge. It is a charity event consisting of a kayak, run, swim and obstacle course. I did the run which went from Clifton Gardens, around past Taylor's Bay and all the way around Bradley's Head. In our wave we went head to head with a team from the First 8 at Grammar School. Warrior did the kayak section and was only a short distance behind after the 3k paddle. I was chasing on the run pretty much the entire way. The kid had 100m on me and held that lead the entire way. The run was bloody hard with long sets of stairs and all bush trail. I came in just behind this kid after 6k of thrashing myself and handed over to Jesse. Half way around the 700m swim Jesse cought the Grammar swimmer and sat on his heals until about 150 to go when he took the lead. The kid was strong though and he and Jesse swam stroke for stroke to the beach. The kid had the inside running up to the next transition and they got a small lead early in the obstacle course which consisted of two loops of 800m of obstacles. Patrick drew level early but the kids got a gap on a crawling aparatus and was not headed until the end.

The Moe Bros (Old Guys)

Finish of Run

I was worked

Jesse on the Chase

PJ trying to bridge the gap

It was a great competition and the closeness of our race meant we were the two fastest teams in the entire event - beating the Warrior Young Guys (we being the old guys) who were in an earlier wave. Will, Tophe, Luke and Luke were unlucky as Will's kayak sank and he had to swim 200m to the beach.

8k all up.

Friday, 14 November 2014


Easy paced run to Redleaf pool with MC, Tom, MhO and another bloke. Ran the Darling Point loop. Very hot at 35 degrees so the pace was welcome as was the swim. We were joined by Champ, Jimmy and Smolly at the pool and we all ran back together.

On the way back I cut down Loftus rather than do Darling Point again and then cut down the stairs to Woolloomooloo.

12.5k all up.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

JP Morgan CC - 21:26 PB =233rd/6500

Well I have been feeling good but my training has been very haphazard so to run within 10 seconds of my stretch target was very unexpected. I was chuffed when I finished but looking at the runs of Greta and Renée (both sub 21) I probably feel I could have gone faster.

Perfect conditions for running no doubt played a big part tonight with some simply incredible times - Tom at 17:05 for example and Russell going under 19. Often it is very humid at this time of year and the wind gets up but tonight it was cool with a gentle breeze that was never a problem.

Splits went:

3:54, 3:52, 3:45, 3:51, 3:53, 2:09 (3:35 pace?) - a 20 second PB from 2010. 3:49 average pace is pretty solid for me.

Splits were remarkably similar to my 2010 run except for the final 1600m where I was 27 seconds quicker this year! I knew I felt strong but that is a huge difference and makes me wonder whether it was all lack of headwind.

Managed to hold off challenges from the younger guys in the office (apart from MhO) with Matt, Will and Wooey all bunched together either side of 22. I had Sonja chasing me the entire way which really spurred me on this year. She had a massive supporter base because I kept hearing cheers for her the entire loop.

Had a warm-up and cool down for 10k all up.

Thanks again to Allen's for their very kind late evening hospitality and to Elle for a very welcome lift home.

CT told Burkey he could run a sub 70 half marathon if he would just lift his mileage over 60k/week (he is currently doing 25k and running 82 and ran sub 19 tonight).

Monday, 10 November 2014

Warrior Stairs

Hard session today which isn't what I wanted with JP Morgan on Wednesday night. Warmed up with 60 dips and 25 declines followed by a loop of the Art Gallery then across to the Butler stairs for 3 sets with 10 pushups at the beginning of each set, then down to the Cliff Stairs for 3 sets and 12 pushups and then the PP stairs for 3 sets and 15 pushups. A long plank hold and then 25 declines, 25 dips, 25 inclines and 25 flat pushups.

Finished with 10 minutes worth of stairs which was pretty tough. Found doing 2 sets of singles and a set of doubles worked for me. Did 9 sets all up.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Manly Dam out and Back

Out early for a surf with Harry and ended up surfing on my own for 2.5 hours on a 1.5-2 foot swell which was a heap of fun.

Headed out after lunch with my best Manly running buddy Max. We started at the water plant and ran along the walking trail all the way to the car par around the other side. Max was happy to run along at my pace and he stopped and swam in the dam a few times. 12.5k is a big run for Max but he seemed to handle it really well.